What is Hume Place?

Hume Place is a new residential, wellness, retail and dining precinct in Crows Nest.

Who is delivering Hume Place?

The project will be delivered by Third.i and Phoenix Property Investors (PPI)

How does it connect to the Crows Nest Metro Station?

Hume Place will be built over the new Crows Nest Metro station, creating a new hub of connectivity for the area.

Will there be public space and other outdoor amenity at Hume Place?

There will be a strong focus on public spaces, with laneways, street furniture and other outdoor amenities. A wellness precinct is planned, along with retail, food and beverage offerings.

What are the proposed plans for Stage 2?

After carefully considering community needs, Third.i and PPI are seeking to amend the Concept Approval by way of an amending ‘Concept’ DA and submit a detailed DA for Stage 2 at the same time. The new proposal will include a mix of essential worker housing, residential apartments and a health and wellness precinct. Plans will remain within the approved envelope of the existing concept, while giving back approximately 400 sqm of public domain space. This includes new additional frontage to Hume Street and a new laneway, decreasing the podium size and increasing the urban design outcome for the community.

What does “essential worker housing” mean? Who will be eligible to live there?

Essential worker housing is dedicated housing for people classified as essential workers. This includes nurses, educators, aged care personnel, midwives and hospital staff.

Who is the Community Housing Provider?

Evolve Housing will be overseeing the proposed essential worker housing. Based in Western Sydney, Evolve Housing is a leading not-for- profit housing provider. Currently they manage 4,522 properties, housing 10,364 residents. Learn more about Evolve Housing at www.evolvehousing.com.au

Why is Stage 2 not staying a commercial building like initially planned?

Demand for commercial space in the area is declining while the need for housing has urgently increased, especially for local essential workers. Currently, many are priced out of Crows Nest, which means they face long commutes to work. Reducing that commute with nearby housing lowers the risk of burnout.

What housing will be available to buy?

Third.i and PPI are proposing an amendment to the existing concept State Significant Development (SSD), which includes a restructure of the overall Floor Space Ratio (FSR) on the site to accommodate a diverse mix of uses, including commercial, retail, residential, and affordable housing. It is essential to emphasize that Third.i and PPI are not seeking additional height or FSR; they’re committed to remaining well within the approved planning envelope.

The commercial tower was meant to bring jobs to Crows Nest. How is this being addressed?

With 15% of the site dedicated to essential workers, housing for upwards of 200 residents will be provided, which is anticipated to directly address the significant vacancies experienced within health and medical industries within the LGA.

Why are Third.i and PPI doing this?

With Royal North Shore Hospital on its doorstep, Crows Nest is a strategic suburb for healthcare workers. And with an oversupply of office space in the surrounding area, this is an opportunity to give back to those who need it most.

How can I find out more?

Learn more about Site A at www.humeplace.com.au/stage-2

How can I support?

Visit our website for more information and submit your letter of support at www.humeplace.com.au

How many apartments will Stage 1 consist of?


What type of apartments will be available?

There will be a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments.

When will Stage 1 be available to purchase?

Stage 1 of the residential development is coming to market in Q1, 2024.

How can I find out more?

Learn more about Stage 1 and register your interest at www.humeplace.com.au/Stage-1